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cME Key benefits:

The following outlines the various benefits and value add cME delivers to a typical organization:


  • QA Executives and Managers can use the Executive Dashboard which outlines Quality operation performance. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and includes Compliance, Batch Record, Efficiency, and Pass-down.
  • Managers will be able to track and manage any QA Action items derived from any audits, clearances, general activities or manually entered with observation types and details, owners and due dates. 
  • QA Managers will easily manage workload and assign tasks to team members at the click of a button through cME which is single web based platform instead of multiple disconnected applications. QA Tech and Managers can use this information to manage, assign, re-assign tasks to better distribute and balance the workload for the QA team.
  • QA Managers will be able to manage and measure efficiency for various activities such as Batch Records, Audits, Clearances, Inspections, Swabs, General Activities, and identify Non-Value Added activities for improvement.  
  • Your team will be able to reduce batch record release cycle time and help lead documentation errors reduction through improved visibility through cME. QA Techs will execute batch record reviews for multiple stages, record errors, track cycle time with easy access to status, history, past errors and monitor number of revisions to release the batch.  
  • Users can easily view the frequency of events and error rates for various activities and compare them to compliance standards and department procedures.  Also, observations/action item types from activities and error types from batch record reviews are tracked and trended by area, type, time period, and owner so systematic improvements can be initiated.
  • QA Techs can use the cME’s whiteboard to effectively map out their day. User’s whiteboard allows them to see their assigned tasks, add and execute new tasks, observations, action items, and provides feedback on planned, actual, and real time workload and efficiency.
  • Your team will be able to utilize the Passdown module which provides a collaboration page for different shifts for comments / highlights, overall completed tasks during a given shift by all QA members, any pending activities or action items.
  • Users can define desired search criteria for reporting and can glance at data by selecting a date range and topic (i.e., compliance, efficiency, batch record, choose from over 30 built-in templates designed for presentations. You will be able to reduce time spent on reports/metrics/KPI.
  • With cME, cycle time for each task and batch record review is tracked and analyzed from the task creation to task execution and wrap up which also helps reduce response time to issues. Current in process activities are also provided for team collaboration.
  • And finally, cME comes with structure approach to manage QA operation that will help you make the right decision related to projects selection, organization budget, and provide your production partner with the focused information to improve efficiency and compliance.



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